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 1870 US Census Index  

Danby, Tompkins County, New York
M593-Roll 1104


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 ABBY    LYDIA M    50    F    W    NY    45
 ACKLES    JOHN    44    M    W    NY    43
 ALEXANDER     ALMUS D    32    M    W    PA    37
 ALLICK    DE WITT    39    M    W    NY    52
 AMES    HANNAH    18    F    W    NY    33
 ANGLES    ESTHER S    59    F    W    NY    43
 ATWELL    HOMER    50    M    W    CT    45
 AUSTIN    ALONZO    40    M    W    NY    50
 AXFORD    MONTGOMERY     64    M    W    NJ    38

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  From 1609 - 1664 the region of New York was under the sway of the Dutch; then it came under the
  rule of the English who governed the country till the outbreak of the War of Independence. Between  
  July 9, 1776 and April 20, 1777, a Convention framed a Constitution under which New York was
  transformed into an independent State, afterwards, in 1788, New York entered the Union as one of
  the thirteen original states.



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