World War II Honor List of Dead and
Missing Army and Army Air Forces
Personnel from Missouri

Transcription of copy of listing from National Archives and Records Administration


BARNETT, Billy L. 37645987 PVT KIA
BRADEN, Verne E. 37519278 PVT KIA
BRIXEY, Hugh S., Jr. 0-737344 1 LT DNB
CAMP, Henry C. 37513476 PFC KIA
COLLINS, Lloyd C. 38467941 PVT DNB
DAVIS, Lewis K. 37632113 SGT KIA
DODSON, Howard 37400985 PVT KIA
EDGNOND, Loyd H. 37740648 PVT KIA
ESSARY, Lee 37235991 PVT KIA
FORD, Carl H. 37007869 PFC KIA
GAUTNEY, Clyde F. 39920917 PFC KIA
GAUTNEY, David L. 37236276 PFC KIA
GRAVES, Johnnie O. 37721312 PFC KIA
HENBEST, Henry G. 37646027 PVT KIA
HILTON, Eugene L. 35844992 PVT DNB
HOLDER, Alvin D. 0-729856 2 LT KIA
HUBBARD, Lewis W. 0-728870 1 LT DNB
JINKS, William R. 6281804 TEC 4 KIA
JUNG, Carl E. 37235665 PFC FOD
KNOTT, Gerald D. T-128038 FL O KIA
LEE, Hildried F. 37013877 PFC KIA
LOWERY, Alvin C. 37723347 PVT KIA
MARBUT, Albert G. 37235691 PFC KIA
MAY, William M. 37409202 S SG KIA
MC MILLEN, Rex H. 0-773737 2 LT DNB
MITCHELL, Charlie J. 37180565 PFC KIA
MULLINS, Rolla S. 37235608 PFC KIA
NEINER, Harold J. 37075632 PFC KIA
NIXON, Earl A. 37629042 PFC KIA
NORWOOD, Homer A. 37745853 PVT KIA
OPALKA, Carl M. 37000760 S SG KIA
PATTON, Hershel W. 37235772 PVT KIA
PLANCHON, Roy E. 20754606 PFC DNB
PROBSTFELD, Edgar G. 0-452677 CAPT KIA
ROETTO, Lawrence J. 0-727264 2 LT KIA
SCHEMBRI, Alfonse 37130872 SGT FOD
SHEPHERD, Loren O. 37743301 PVT KIA
SIMPSON, Philip R. 37016873 PFC KIA
TALBURT, Rex E. 37536744 PFC KIA
TASH, Lester R. 37247849 PVT DOW
TAYLOR, Earl L. 37498287 S SG DOI
VOGT, Glennon J. 19028574 SGT KIA
WALLER, Elmer G. 37615623 S SG KIA
WILLIAMS, Billy C. 37740658 PFC KIA
WOODELL, Vernon E. 37646992 PVT KIA

Abbreviations for types of casualties are:
KIA - Killed in Action           DOW - Died of Wounds
DOI - Died of Injuries           DNB - Died, Non-battle
FOD - Finding of death (individuals who were determined
to be dead under Public Law 490, which requires
conclusive--but not positive proof of death.)

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